This two-day workshop will discuss papers addressing various aspects of (domestic and global) labour market injustice. It will consider the theoretical framing of moral concerns surrounding labour markets – whether they involve interactional or structural dimensions. It will also consider how these concerns are best addressed through individual, policy, and/or institutional action.

14-15th December 2016

Great North Museum, Newcastle University

in collaboration with Durham University

Conference papers (full schedule)

  • David Coombs (LSE)
    • “Formative Work’s Place in the Currency of Distributive Justice”
  • Jurgen de Wispelaere (University of Tampere / University of Bath)
    • “Exit, Voice and Solidarity: What Should We Expect from a Basic Income Guarantee in the Workplace?”
  • Sarah Goff (LSE)
    • “A Theory of Injustice in Global Trade”
  • James Hickson (University of York)
    • “Republicanism, Free Labour, and Precarious Work”
  • Stephen Hood (University of Manchester)
    • “On Your Bike: the limits of exit as a means to deliver justice at work”
  • Elizabeth Kahn (Durham University)
    • “Social Structure and Workers’ Rights”
  • Sylvie Loriaux (Université Laval)
    • “Protectionism and Fairness in Trade”
  • Mirjam Muller (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)
    • “Marxist Accounts of Exploitation and Sweatshop Labour”
  • Martin O’Neill (University of York)
    • “Post-Democracy, Social Equality and Trade Unions”
  • Tom Parr (University of Essex)
    • “Attitudes towards Unemployment”
  • Julie Rose (Dartmouth College)
    • “The Value of Economic Growth”
  • Ben Sachs (University of St. Andrews)
    • “Scepticism about the Living Wage”

This event is sponsored by the Society for Applied Philosophy and Newcastle University.

Anyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested, please email

Workshop documents can be found on the participants page (password protected)