Justice Everywhere is run by a cooperative of political theorists and philosophers with a diverse array of interests. Details of our authors are listed below.

We also collaborate with the Journal of Applied Philosophy (JOAP). JOAP is a unique forum for philosophical research that seeks to make a constructive contribution to problems of practical concern. Open to the expression of diverse viewpoints, it brings the identification, justification, and discussion of values to bear on a broad spectrum of issues in environment, medicine, science, policy, law, politics, economics and education. JOAP publishes in all areas of applied philosophy, and posts accessible summaries of its recent articles on Justice Everywhere.

List of House Authors

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avatar for Alexandru VolacuAlexandru Volacu

Alexandru Volacu is an Associate Professor at the University of Bucharest and Director of the Bucharest Center for Political Theory. His research interests mainly revolve around several top…

Why Not Remote Voting?
avatar for Anca GheausAnca Gheaus

I work on various issues concerning justice. I am particularly interested in the relevance of personal relationships to moral and political philosophy. I published papers about gender just…

Feminism without “woman”?
avatar for Andrew WaltonAndrew Walton

Andrew Walton is Senior Lecturer in Political Philosophy in the Politics Department at Newcastle University. His research centres on questions of economic ethics and justice in housing policy.

Inequality, Segregation, and Gentrification: It’s Complicated!
avatar for Angie PepperAngie Pepper

Angie Pepper is a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Roehampton. Angie works on issues to do with the rights of nonhuman animals and what we owe to them as a matter of interspe…

2024 Grand National: Horses, Harm, and Shared Responsibility
avatar for Costanza PorroCostanza Porro

Costanza is Lecturer in Political Philosophy at the University of Lancaster. She is also carrying out a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship which she started at MANCEPT, the Centre…

An Interview with Lisa Guenther (Beyond the Ivory Tower Series)
avatar for Davide PalaDavide Pala

I am a Political Theorist who works on human rights from a neo-republican perspective. I received my PhD at the University of Manchester in 2023, and I am currently a Post-doc Researcher at…

An Interview with Dorothea Gädeke (Beyond the Ivory Tower Series)
avatar for Diana PopescuDiana Popescu

Diana is an Assistant Professor in Political Theory in the School of Politics and International Relations. She joined the University of Nottingham in 2023, having previously worked at…

Why policymakers should care about post-truth
avatar for Elisa PirasElisa Piras

Elisa is Senior Researcher at the EURAC Center for Advanced Studies, in Bolzano Bozen. Previously, she has been Research Fellow in Political Philosophy at Sant’Anna School for Advanced Stu…

A justice-inspired reading of the COP26 discursive arena
avatar for Fay NikerFay Niker

Fay is Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Stirling. Before taking up this role, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford University. Her rese…

What the pandemic can teach us about political philosophy
avatar for Journal of Applied PhilosophyJournal of Applied Philosophy

The Journal of Applied Philosophy is a unique forum for philosophical research that seeks to make a constructive contribution to problems of practical concern. Open to the expression of div…

Should We Mourn the Loss of Work?
avatar for Julia HermannJulia Hermann

I am an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Previously I have held research and teaching positions at the European Inter-University Centre for H…

The Disruption of Human Reproduction
avatar for Katarina Pitasse FragosoKatarina Pitasse Fragoso

Katarina Pitasse Fragoso is a Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at the Chair of International Political Theory and Philosophy at Goethe University Frankfurt. Her research in the field of norma…

Is resourcist housing policy enough?
avatar for Leonie SmithLeonie Smith

Leonie Smith is Lecturer in Metaphysics and Epistemology at Lancaster University. Prior to this, she held a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at the University of Manchester, and was Lecture…

It is not enough to listen carefully – we also have to identify who is not in the epistemic room
avatar for Mark SattaMark Satta

Mark Satta is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. His research interests include epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of law, eth…

Intellectually Humble Free Speech Law
avatar for Matthew Wray PerryMatthew Wray Perry

Matt Perry is postdoctoral research fellow at The University of British Colombia, Vancouver. His research focuses on animal rights, dignity, moral status & interspecies social relations. Find…

Why is the New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness morally important?
avatar for Michael BennettMichael Bennett

I am a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. I have worked on the justification of democracy, the relationship between democracy and the market, and the political theory of business corporations.

3 Points for a Win and Constitutional Design
avatar for Nicolás BrandoNicolás Brando

Nicolás works on questions related to discrimination of and justice for vulnerable groups. He is particularly interested in issues related to the status of children in theories of justice. H…

Language, justice, and linguistic prejudice in academia
avatar for Peter DietschPeter Dietsch

Peter Dietsch is a philosopher and economist, and professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Victoria, British Columbia. His research focuses on issues of economic eth…

The climate justice debate has a baseline problem
avatar for Pierre-Etienne VandammePierre-Etienne Vandamme

Currently postdoc at KU Leuven, I hold a Ph.D. in political philosophy from the University of Louvain (Belgium). My main research interests are democratic theory, theories of justice, and c…

An alternative procedure for allocating research grants
avatar for Robert SimpsonRobert Simpson

I’m an Associate Professor in Philosophy at University College London; before coming to London in 2018 I was a Lecturer in Philosophy at Monash University (2013-17), and a Visiting Assis…

With Friends Like These, Free Speech Doesn’t Need Enemies
avatar for Sanat SoganiSanat Sogani

I am a doctoral candidate in Political Theory at the Central European University. My dissertation focuses on the normative relationship between jobs, social status and self-respect.

Beyond the Ivory Tower interview with Martin O’Neill
avatar for Sara Van GoozenSara Van Goozen

I am a lecturer in political philosophy at the University of York. My research interests are in global ethics, just war theory and global justice. My book “Distributing the Harm of Just Wars…

Critical fandom and problematic fans: what responsibilities do we have?
avatar for Sergi Morales-GálvezSergi Morales-Gálvez

Sergi is an Assistant Professor at the University of Valencia. He works on questions related to justice for minority groups. He is particularly interested in issues related to language…

Protecting Territorial Minorities: Defensive Federalism
avatar for Thomas FerrettiThomas Ferretti

I am a Lecturer in Ethics and Sustainable Business at the University of Greenwich (UK). Before that, I taught for five years at the London School of Economics. My work specialises in moral…

Is Ethics Really Good for Business?
avatar for Viktor IvankovićViktor Ivanković

Viktor is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb. His main research interest is on the ethics of nudging, namely, the institutional requirements for nudge permissibil…

Living under manipulative governments
avatar for Yashar SaghaiYashar Saghai

I am an Iranian-American-French Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Twente in the Netherlands and an Associate Senior Scholar at The Millennium Project: Global Futures Stu…

On the Reception of the Mahsa Charter in Online Deliberative Spaces
avatar for Zsuzsanna ChappellZsuzsanna Chappell

My current research interest is in ethical issues related to mental illness and psychiatry. In the past I have written on democratic theory and deliberative democracy. Currently I am a Visi…

Beyond the Ivory Tower Interview with Dana Mills